Given the current situation and trying to limited the cross over of paperwork between home and school we aren’t sending homework out at present.

However the Reception team have come up with some activities and some useful websites to explore at home to help support your child with their learning and development at home.


  • Recognising their name out of a selection of names- write all the family's names on separate slips of paper and encourage your child to find their name.
  • Saying the initial sound in name and then onto all the sounds in their name- watch https://www.youtube.com/results?sp=mAEB&search_query=geraldine+the+giraffe for help with how to correctly pronounce the sounds. 
  • Writing own name (pre-cursive font) 
  • Taking coat off correctly without sleeves tucked in and putting coat on independently.
  • Following 3 step instructions e.g. take your shoes off, hang your coat up and sit down.
  • Turn taking and sharing-play some family games e.g. snake and ladders.
  • Count to 10 initially from 0 and then from any number
  • Recognise numbers to 10
  • Write numbers to 10
  • Clap syllables in their name
  • Recognising basic shapes - circle, square, triangle and rectangle
  • Talk about positional language - in front, behind, on top and under



This is the song we sing every day in Phonics: Click here for a Song of Sounds video