The theme for this year’s Science week was innovation for the future. We started off by thinking what a scientist would look like.

Many of us drew wild haired men in white coats, wearing glasses. However, after a day of science based fun we soon realised that anyone can be a scientist, it does not matter what your gender or background is, if you can be imaginative, creative, observant and resilient you can be a scientist!


Early Years

 RJ took part in an experiment called Dancing Raisins on Science Day.

We had 2 jugs of water – one jug with still water and one jug with fizzy water. We put raisins in and observed what happened. Most of us predicted that the raisins would sink in the still water and float in the fizzy water.

What happened

The raisins sank in the still water. The raisins went up and down in the fizzy water, sinking and floating. We think the raisins floated because the bubbles moved them up and down.

Year 1

We've had such an EGGciting day EGGperimenting in Year One to celebrate Science Day. (Yes we made lots of 'cracking' egg jokes!)

We started the day watching some crazy science experiments, which really did amaze us. Things on fire, exploding and popping got us really in the mood for some science.

We were set a challenge to create a suit of armour for poor Humpty Dumpty who kept falling off his wall. We fairly tested different materials to investigate which one would be most appropriate. We tested foil, cotton wool, Lego and rice- which one do you think protected Humpty the best? Have a look at the pictures to find out!

Our favourite experiment of the day, which left us in amazement and awe, was the 'milk rainbow' experiment where we watched a chemical reaction between different substances. Lots of the children want to show their grown-ups this at home and all you need is whole milk, food colouring and washing up liquid. The children will tell you how to do the rest.

We continued developing our expertise in animal care by learning all about carnivores, herbivores and omnivores. We went outside to practise being the different animals and used actions to help us to remember the meaning of the different groups. We designed a meal for a plant eater, a meat eater and an animal who eats both.

Year 2

Year 2 had lots of fun thinking like scientists by asking questions about their colour experiment. They were curious to know what would happen when kitchen roll was dipped into cups of red and blue water.

Year 2 have enjoyed further science investigations this afternoon. We started with an activity called ‘Dancing Raisins’. We put a raisin into a cup of still water and a cup of fizzy water and watched to see whether each raisin floated or sank.  One of the raisins sank straight to the bottom of the cup, but the other one danced up and down. Which one do you think did this?

Later we went outside to complete the egg rolling challenge. We worked in groups to try out different ramps to see how far the egg would roll.  Some of the key questions we had to think about in this experiment:

How can we make the egg roll?

How can we make it roll further?

What would happen if we make the ramp higher/lower/longer?

The children worked brilliantly together on their experiments and were keen to be scientists!


Year 3

Everyone in Year 3 had a great time on Science Day. We started by looking at the human skeleton and after naming bones we then compared the human skeleton with those of animals. We enjoyed trying to predict the animal by just looking at its skeleton.

Next we thought about what a scientist is and what one might look like. There were lots of strange hairstyles and white lab coats!

Our main investigation was to work scientifically in a group to design and make a tower with just 10 sheets of newspaper plus tape. We had to think about the shape of the tower and how we would make a base to support it. By rolling thin tubes we could make strong poles. The tricky part was fixing these together but still having the tower upright without someone having to hold it.

Everyone persevered to make their tower as tall as possible. We agreed it was great fun!


Year 4

In Year 4 we thought about conductors and insulators of electricity we wanted to know why copper wires that carry electricity are covered on plastic. We soon discovered that where as metals are conductors of electricity because the human body can conduct electricity as well wires have to be covered with an insulator like plastic for us to handle them.

Next we had to solve a crime! Someone had been faking bank notes. We had to use chromatography to discover who the criminal was! We knew which ink the bank used and we tested to see how it would spread, by comparing this with other inks.

We then had a challenge to bridge a gap. We needed to make a prototype bridge to cross the river Arrow. It had to support the weight of 500g we only had a piece of paper to do this. We could fold it, twist it, bend it how we wanted to strengthen it.

It was a more challenging problem than we initially thought but we got there in the end. We soon started to realise that by adding folds to our designs we could strengthen the bridge.

We ended the day by applying our structures knowledge to making a tower from just newspaper. Our towers had to stand by themselves and be as tall as we could make them. This task required a lot of discussion and collaboration. Through trial and error and using what we had learnt in previous lessons we worked together to make our prototypes.


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