School Closure information 

Dear Parents/Carers

Following the news that has been just announced, we intend to show our support for those workers on the front line during these unprecedented times. Whilst we intend to be closed for the vast majority of pupils from Monday, we will remain open for a minority of pupils who

1)are deemed to be vulnerable.  The Government have deemed these to be pupils who are pupils who have an allocated social worker or an EHCP


2)have a parent who is a key worker who needs to attend work in order to keep our society functioning in these difficult times. The government have yet to define what is meant by key workers but we expect them to be:

Emergency Services personnel

Armed Service personnel

Health workers

Supermarket workers/delivery drivers

Social Care Workers

Prison Service Personnel

Teaching Staff

We would expect that this is to be applied in a situation where the key worker is the sole carer however we are told we will have clarification on this very soon.  In preparation for Monday, we will be taking details from parents/carers who feel this exemption applies to their circumstances.  Teachers will be greeting parents on the playground tomorrow morning to take these details. Those parents who are unable to attend can email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please supply the following information:

Job Title

Place of work

Sessions required according to work schedule

Confirmation of work number

All other pupils will remain at home from Monday.  Details of home learning will be shared with you in the next two days.

We hope that you have the support that you need in order to keep you and your family safe.

Kind regards

Miss Kelly


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