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May's Author of the Month is the much loved A.A.Milne.

Born Alan Alexander Milne in London, 1882. Originally a playwright, he is of course most famous for the Winnie the Pooh collection. His scenes from the fictional Hundred Acre Wood are based upon the very real Five Hundred Acre Wood located in Ashdown Forest, Sussex.
Pooh bear was created from his child's stuffed bear called Edward, that they renamed Winnie after the Canadian black bear that took up residency in  London zoo after World War 1. In addition to a swan he had named Pooh.
However, he has also written poetry for children and adults as well as the books "Peace with Honour" and "War with Honour", following his World War 1 experiences as a serving soldier. Furthermore, Milne has written the comedies 'Four Days' Wonder' and 'Mr.Pim Passes By' to name but a few.
He had a very fortunate education, in that H.G Wells was one of his Primary school teachers ! Although he went on to become a writer, Milne actually graduated with a maths degree from Cambridge. 
He enjoyed the past time of cricket with none other than J.M. Barrie and Arthur Conan Doyle ! Milne married Dorothy de Selincourt and went on to have a son, Christopher Robin.           
Milne sadly passed from a stroke in 1956, at his home in Hartfield, Sussex.



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