Children in Need 2020

We had so much fun on Friday celebrating Children In Need Day across the school. 

Every class dressed up in their PJ’s to raise money for this very important cause. 

We had a range of activities across the school including exercise with the very familiar Joe Wicks, painting spots on Pudsey Bear, I Spy numbers to 20, acrostic poems and code breakers.  It certainly will be a day to remember and we are delighted that we managed to rasie £365.02 to help all of those children who really are in need of our support both in this country and around the world.


One of the many projects funded by Children in Need through the BBC Children in Need’s A Million & Me initiative, which aims to make a difference to children’s emotional wellbeing is Ollee.

Ollee is a digital friend for children aged 8-11, created by Parent Zone on BBC. It’s designed to help children reflect on how they feel and to process their experiences with the support and help of their parents and carers – and it does this by offering them advice about a range of subjects: school, family, friends, their body, the internet and the world.

For each of these subjects, children can choose an emotion that matches how they feel about it: happy, angry, sad, confused, frustrated, stressed or worried.

Next, they can choose from a list of topics – for instance, a child who was worried about school might be able to select ‘I haven’t done my homework’ as the cause of their worry. Finally, they’ll see a page of advice about the topic, presented in child-friendly bite-sized chunks they can read then or save for later.

You can more information and download the Ollee app here:


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