Our Curriculum

At Oak Hill First school we carefully design, plan and implement a curriculum which provides breadth for every pupil:

At Oak Hill First school careful analysis and discussion about our pupils’ backgrounds, life experiences and culture has helped us to design a curriculum with four key priorities underpinning every subject area. We believe that by focusing on the following key priorities our children will be ready to successfully meet the challenges of the next stage of their education and their lives.

Our curriculum priorities are:

  1. Challenge & Enjoyment – we aim to ensure pupils find their learning challenging, engaging and motivating. Our curriculum encourages high aspirations and ambitions for all. At each stage in their school life, our pupils will experience an appropriate level of challenge, to enable each individual to achieve his or her potential.  We aim to provide opportunities for our pupils to be active in their learning and have opportunities to develop and demonstrate their creativity.
  2. Relevance – we aim to offer experiences where pupils understand the purpose of their learning and related activities. We aim for our pupils to see the value of what they are learning and its relevance to their lives, present and future.
  3. Breadth – we aim to ensure pupils have opportunities for a broad range of experiences. We believe their learning should be planned and organised so that they will learn and develop through a range of context within both the classroom and other aspects of school life.
  4. Pastoral – we aim to provide a carefully interwoven curriculum of learning through SMSC, British Values, PSHE alongside our pastoral provision to meet the needs of all pupils’ personal and mental well-being needs.

We have designed and planned our curriculum to offer a range of experiences which contribute to every child receiving a full and rich curriculum.  The range of experiences we offer support and champion our culture and ensures that our children benefit from a full range of academic, spiritual, moral, social and cultural activities.  These activities enrich their lives and those of our whole school community and make them proud of their British values and diverse society to which they belong and play an active part. We are proud that our curriculum gives our children the skills, confidence and self-belief to lead a happy and fulfilled life by encouraging them to aim high and work towards their goals and dreams in life.

If you would like any more information about our curriculum please speak initially to your child's class teacher. Our year group pages also display the half termly curriculum overviews.