Welcome back Year 3 and what a busy first week we have had! We received news from Mr Bond at Woodfield that artefacts had been found whilst digging up the field for the new pitches and he asked us to investigate who may have left them behind. We were able to look at all different artefacts from the Saxons and decide what they were used for.

Our new book in Literacy is Beowulf the Brave and we have started to find out about the different characters. Beowulf, King Hrothgar and of course the terrifying beast Grendel. In maths we were looking at place value and rounding of numbers and the children worked really hard to secure their understanding of numbers.

World Book Day and Tea Day started off very well and it was lovely to see all the different outfits that the children and the staff were wearing. We had a morning of activities linked to our new book Beowulf and the children really did emerse themselves in the text. Unfortunately, the snow cut our day short but we are sure that the children continued to have a fun day out and about in the snow.

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