Year 3 have continued to have a packed half term of learning and despite the teachers reservations about Hornswogglers and Wangdoodles, Little Billy did venture in to The Forest of Sin and met The Minpins. Whist in the forest Little Billy learned about The Gruncher and the children have been writing persuasively about whether they think he is a bad character or just misunderstood. In DT Year 3 have peeled, chopped, and grated ingredients to make salad wraps for Little Billy to eat in the forest when he is with the Minpins. The children have also been carrying out an experiment in science to see whether a plant can survive with any liquid. They have used water, washing up liquid and vinegar to give to the plants and have been observing what happens each day. We have just started fractions in maths so the children will have a really good understanding of how to share with equal parts the next time you have a pizza night.IMG01111

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