We have had a brilliant start to this half term and hit the ground running learning about the misadventures of a little bear called Paddington. We have identified the features of postcards and written our own as Paddington to tell Aunt Lucy all about his time in London. We have continued to learn about fractions in maths by working out halves and quarters of whole numbers using division. We have started to investigate light and dark in science and discovered that the moon is an enormous reflector. We are keeping active in PE with athletics and organising our own warm up exercises which we have been teaching each other. We are now learning more about our final group of invaders, the frightening and fearsome Vikings. A very well-travelled group who even had Arabic writing on their coins. With all this information to learn we will be ready to have a break in the Summer. It is hard to believe that this is the last term in Year 3.


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