Plant Life

Year 3 have thrown themselves back into their learning after the Easter holidays and we have so much packed into our very short half term that we hit the ground running on our first week back. The children have been looking at plants in science and were given the statement: Plants can survive as long as they are given adequate amounts of liquid. The children discussed this statement and decided if they agreed or disagreed.

In order to test this statement Year 3 set up a science experiment to give plants different types of liquid to see how they reacted.  The importance of a fair test was discussed and why we had to conduct a fair test. The children have been giving the plants 10ml of vinegar, oil, washing top liquid, salt water and clean water to the plants at the same time every day.

This week we will look at the effects that these liquids have had on the plants and there will be a few surprises for sure!! We will also look at water transportation in plants using celery and coloured water. The children will then need to use their knowledge to write a science report and discuss their findings.

Keep working hard Year 3.

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