Lots of Fun at the Library!

This week Year 3 experienced a library session with Mrs Ajmal. At Oak Hill we like to promote a love of reading and of books and this session certainly did that. Not all children have had the opportunity to visit a library outside of school so to begin with, the children were shown where the fiction and non-fiction sections are in our school library. We also talked about how the library is set up and how we keep track of all the books that come and go in and out of the library.

Next, in pairs, the children had the challenge to locate a specific author or subject. The first couple to do so each gained a sticker! When the next pair had accomplished their goal, they swapped books with the first two children and then had to return them to the correct shelf space to see if they could remember how to use our library system.

Finally, the class enjoyed some precious reading time, after selecting a book of their choice. Well done Year 3, you are going to become experts in this field !

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