It’s starting to feel very festive in Year 2 now! We came into school on Tuesday morning to see Christmas trees, fairy lights and our classroom doors transformed with beautiful colours and sparkling baubles! It has also got us thinking about Christmas and what it means to people.

Our client, the Man on the Moon, wants to get back to Earth to tell his grandchildren the story of the Nativity, so we helped him with this by creating a version that he could tell them.  We discovered that while we all enjoy receiving presents and eating lots of lovely foods, the most important thing we felt, was spending time with our friends and families.

We are now in the process of designing and making moon buggies that will help the man on the moon get his work done much quicker so that he can get home sooner. We have also been investigating the most suitable material to make a buggy with in science. We need to make sure that the buggies have windows, a seat and lights. Lights are very important as the moon is so dark! So look out on Dojo next week for the most amazing moon buggies ever to have been created!

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