Year 2 have been incredibly busy this half term with their plans for lifting lockdown. After writing letters of complaint and demanding that lockdown be lifted as soon as possible, we are now thinking about how we can improve things for everybody. We know that for many people seeing family or going on holiday are very important, so we have been working hard to design new bridges that will be needed to carry all of the extra traffic. We had so much fun this week bringing our designs to life. Using a variety of materials, we created models of the bridges, and then tested them to see if they were strong enough to carry toy cars. It was quite a challenge, but one that we all enjoyed as you can see from the photos below.

Our Guided Reading text this half term has been Katie in London – a story about a little girl who is taken on a tour of London by one of the lions of Trafalgar Square who came to life! The children have been fascinated by the incredible sights and attractions of our capital city. They have written their own adventures based on the story, describing the sights and attractions of Redditch. Their stories have made our town sound like an amazing place!



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