Lifting Lockdown

It has been lovely to be able to welcome the children back to school after a break, something that we all missed at the start of last term!

The children have returned full of smiles and enthusiasm for the term ahead, and are looking forward to our new MoE – Lifting Lockdown. So far they have enjoyed planning a letter of complaint to Mr Boris Johnson, using their best complaining and bossy language to tell him what they have missed during Lockdown and what they want him to do about it! It has been great to see the children applying the skills of letter writing that they were introduced to during last term’s remote learning. This is a brand new MoE and we are very excited about the activities that we are planning to do with the children.

Here are some of 2N showing their best complaining faces:


We are also very happy to be able to start doing music again this term too. We have looked at a piece of music that was composed for children to perform using body percussion alone. The children enjoyed creating the sounds they could hear in our town, just by using parts of their bodies. They were surprised to learn that music can be made using a variety of things other than traditional instruments!

It is going to be a busy term, but one that we are sure the children will enjoy

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