Man on the Moon Year 2

Year 2 have had a fantastic half term learning all about space and completing tasks for the man on the moon. We have designed and built a moon buggy so we could rescue him and we have learnt all about Neil Armstrong and the 1969 moon landings, writing a detailed recount about this historic event.

We have been delighted with the quality of reading work produced by the children. We have used whole class texts ‘The Way Back Home’ and ‘The Man on the Moon’ to retrieve and interpet information from the texts and we have also used the books for our writing stimulus. The children have written fantastic stories from the point of view of the alien in ‘The Way Back Home’ and they have indepenently applied many of the grammar skills they have learnt so far this term. We are all very proud of everyone in Year 2 – keep up the hard work!

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