Nursery is really enjoying the topic about Dinosaurs.
Through play and learning opportunities they have used cubes to measure the dinosaurs and recalled mathematical language tall and short and then with their hands heavy and light to describe what they could see and feel. 
In forest school they have hunted for all of Harry's missing dinosaurs, lucky we found all 18 of them. Very carefully we put them back into Harry's blue bucket so they didn't run away again!.
In the water tray they cleaned all of the very muddy dinosaurs using toothbrushes and  various other cleaning tools and remembered and recalled the amazing dinosaur names. 
Many dinosaur lands have been created in all areas of the nursery using sand, bricks, natural found objects and ice collected on a cold wintery morning outside, with a little shaving foam for the snow effects. (definitely a favourite!)
What a very exciting topic !. We hope they have shared some of their wonderful learning with you. 

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